How To Find Hemorrhoid Treatments

Diagram showing a variety of hemorrhoids.

Diagram showing a variety of hemorrhoids. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hemroids or hemorrhoids (which are also called piles) are formed when pressure irritates the veins in the anus and rectum area. These veins swell up in can interfere with a person’s ability to pass stool. You may experience bleeding through the anus or other such symptoms.

Now there are two primary types of hemorrhoids: internal and external hemorrhoids. Internal hemorrhoids are found inside the rectal areal. You can’t feel internal hemorrhoids because rectal tissue has no pain receptors. But one of the signs of internal hemorrhoids is blood on the stool. This indicates you may have bleeding hemorrhoids. Click Here! for lots more information and recommended cures.

There are various treatments such as injection therapy, hemroidectomy, and a treatment called rubber band ligatio. There are also other natural remedies for bleeding hemorrhoids that you can seek out as well.

External hemorrhoids can be felt — they are very uncomfortable, give a burning sensation in the anus. You may experience constant pain while walking or sitting and passing stool can be a painful process. There are some things you can do to bring some hemroid relief.

One such method is to soak your anus in a warm bath for 15-30 minutes. You can also apply a cold compress to the affected area for 20 minutes as an alternative treatment. These solutions can give you a bit of temporary relief from the pain. However, the hemroids relief will only last for a short period.

There various hemorrhoid treatments and creams you can use to provide longer lasting relief. However, these may or may not work and the relief is only temporary at best. Many people are turning to natural hemorrhoid remedies to find a more permanent solution to cure hemroids.


Hemroid relief is crucial if you want to function normally with a hemorrhoid condition. There are many ways how to get rid of hemorrhoids , but if you actually want to cure your hemroid condition, you will need to seek out natural remedies.

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5 Best Natural Hemorrhoid Treatments

If there would be one condition that could make your every waking day a lot stressful, I guess it is the condition known as Hemorrhoids. About 75 million Americans are afflicted by such condition. These are small lumps located either just within the anal opening or slightly inside the opening. A natural hemorrhoid treatment is mostly used by sufferers to cure such disorder.

Reasons behind the occurrence of hemorrhoids vary from each individual since we all have our own unique individuality. Among the common causes of pile formation are straining during bowel movement, heavy lifting and pregnancy. Should the veins of the anal walls be thin and fragile, the moment a hard stool passes on them, they tend swell and dilate.

Hemorrhoids develop mostly in men especially as the age increase since the elasticity of the rectal veins mainly decreases. Yet, it can also develop to women as well. Just before opting for surgery or medicines to cure hemorrhoids, you can try natural treatment for hemorrhoids as they all have somewhat the same effectiveness with those invasive procedures.

Tub Therapy – or also known as the sitz bath is one effective means of relieving the pain brought by hemroids. Patients who have undergone rectal surgeries are also recommended to try this procedure as it quickly alleviates pain. Just add Luke warm water into the tub and then you are all set to submerge your body or your buttocks into it. Wait for 15 to 25 minutes until relief is felt.

Drink Fluids – As been mentioned earlier, hemorrhoids can be formed after a hard stool has passed in the rectum. Fluids will help you maintain waste products to be moist. That will make it easier to pass the stools during a bowel movement.

Drink at least two liters a day as this is the recommended fluid requirement. The more moist waste materials are, the lesser the tendency they will dry up in the intestines.

Diet – Another effective natural hemorrhoid treatment is proper diet modification. Start eating foods rich in fiber like fruits and green leafy vegetables. Fiber helps in creating bulk in waste products that is why they easily pass on the intestines during a movement.

Exercise – Working out brings a lot of benefits in the body, aside from it makes our muscles toned and strong, it also maintains physical fitness in general. Exercise also helps a person manage pain as it helps in the release of endorphins – the body’s natural pain controller.

Simple exercises include walking, dancing, jogging and swimming. A person really does not need to enroll in gym classes. You can also follow exercises routines in the television or in the internet for your convenience.

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Ice packs – Applying ice packs in the anal area would help create a numbing sensation that is why pain is alleviated easily. It is recommended that you use ice packs after sitz bath so as to prolong the alleviating effect. To learn about the miracle cure Click Here!

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